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WhatsApp Apk 2020WhatsApp is a messenger application that is very popular since the last decade, originally he is to compete with messenger apps like Blackberry Messenger, Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, and so on. At last, WhatsApp is more interesting for the user, besides it looks simple so it’s easy to learn, it is also rich in features.

WhatsApp is a messenger app cross-platform, that is made for various platforms. Most people know him as an Android application, but the actual developer continues to develop this app so I can work on the platform to the other. Until now WhatsApp can be used for platforms iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, and Mac. At the beginning of the design, WhatsApp is made for the iPhone. As it grows, this app is made for another platform.

With WhatsApp, we are enabled to send messages to our relationship without using the pulse, because it is an application that uses an internet data plan, the same is the case when You are using email and browsing on the internet network. With WhatsApp we not only provided facilities to exchange messages only, we can also exchange files documents, files, images/photos, audio files, and video.

Until now there are two (2) versions of WhatsApp the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp for Business is not much different from WhatsApp regular version, just with the additional feature to display the location of the user through GPS and the profile of the company, because it was designed for the purposes of the business.

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The Usefulness Of Whatsapp.
To be able to use WhatsApp user must use the phone number to register. Normally the phone number used is the phone number that the sim card is installed in the same smartphone used for online WhatsApp.

Although the user can use another phone number, but it will feel strange and will be a troublesome user on its own if at any time the user requires verification for security purposes. So the first is the most, use the phone number of the sim card embedded in a smartphone in Your hands, do not need to be complicated and bother.

Your conversation will be stored in the application database in the system folder on Your smartphone. Simply put, the messages of the conversation that occurs between You and your opponent talk You will be deleted itself while You are not connected to the internet. The last conversation when the user is online will be recorded and stored in the database in the local storage of Your smartphone, and will always be there until the user decides to delete them.

If there is no internet connection and You write the book, in the bubble-chat You will appear a picture icon to an analog clock, it means that Your message has not been sent to the destination because You have not connected to the internet network. Flagged messages will be sent automatically once You are online. the icon will be automatically changed to checkbox 1 when it is sent from Your smartphone, check 2 when it is received in the smartphone of the person You are talking to, and tick the 2 colored blue when a message has been opened by the person You are talking to. This applies also when You also send document files, image files, audio files, or video files.

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Limits the delivery of many image files are 30 images at once, are the limits for video files a maximum of 16MB each time send a file. A lot of the fun other that will be experienced by the user when using WhatsApp which is a feature smiley, avatar profiles, status updates, search, VOIP, broadcast, video call, and others. In addition, WhatsApp for smartphones can also integrate with WhatsApp Web (on a browser screen). Link download Whatsapp APK latest you can find below.

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