Download Google Play Services Free 2020

Latest Version  : Google Play Services

Requirements  : Android

publisher          : Google LLC

Size                  : 42.32 Mb

License             : Freeware


Google Play Services is the Android application, but how it works is not like the app in general. Google Play Services is a background service that runs silently inside every Android device.Google Play Services 2020

Google Play Services plays a vital role in Android as a whole so that some people refer to it as the heart of Android. In the absence of Google Play Services, many other applications will not be able to walk properly.

Uses Google Play Service

Android is a mobile operating system open source so anyone can modify it as needed. This openness raises a separate issue that’s been sticking out since the first, namely the problem of fragmentation. The negative impact of such problems is minimized by Google through Google Play Service.

The term fragmentation is actually ambiguous because there is no definition that is widely agreed upon, but the term is very often called to refer to the various versions of Android and the number of users who are still using an old version of Android.

As an example to illustrate the negative impact of fragmentation, before Google Play Services appears, Google Maps only get updated when the version of Android updated to the new version. But not everyone is able to do updates and not all Android phone comes with a feature to update the OS.

To overcome this, the update process of the application is then redirected to the Google Play Services. So when it appeared the latest version of Google Maps, version the can appear instantly on your phone via Google Play Services without having to update the OS. Other applications that you install any updated via Google Play Services.

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Google Play Service also provides access for developers to a variety of the latest FIRE belongs to Google which can be used to add features to the application that they develop. One of them is Google Maps API that allows developers to develop the features associated with Google Maps, for example, hospitality applications that provide directions to the location of a hotel you are booking.

Don’t be surprised if you see the number of access rights that required Google Play Service. To completely integrate itself with Android to be run its functions without a hitch, Google Play Service requires a lot of access rights such as access to the camera, contacts list, media storage, calendar, and others.

Many of the applications that the functionality depends on the existence of Google Play Service, so the application must exist in all Android devices. The android performance will not be affected because Google Play Services is already optimized in such a way that it does not require a lot of energy to run it.

That might be a problem is the battery consumed by Google Play Service, but this problem should be overcome easily by the user because there are a lot of tutorials on the internet that explain how to overcome them. Download Google Play Service APK latest and free via the links below:

Download Google Play Services Latest Version