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apk kinemaster androidSince the presence of KineMaster which now has become one of the favorite applications in the field of multimedia. Applications originating from Korea, this has a size range of 80+MB and the total download has more than 100 million times. Behind the display, a simple interface saved a lot of features that can not be underestimated. You are accustomed to editing video on a PC might be a little difficulty, due to not accustomed to doing it on the screen much smaller, but over time can certainly adjust.

The features and Advantages of KineMaster

KineMaster applying two kinds of the timeline to edit video, that is the Primary Timeline and a Secondary Timeline. The Primary Timeline is the main timeline that contains the video to be edited, while the Secondary Timeline is the timeline additional containing layer and audio.

There are 7 types of items that can be added on the Secondary Timeline, the layer media which load image and videos, layer effects apply a special effect such as a Gaussian Blur and Mosaic, overlay layer to add various objects, the text layer to add text, layer handwriting to directly write or draw on the video with the type and size of the brush that can be adjusted, as well as audio in the form of music, sound effects, and recording your own voice to provide narration on the video.

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Every video that is being edited can be saved as a project file. With the project file, video editing can be resumed at a later time without repeating the steps of the editing that has been done. During the video edited and all materials used (photos, audio, animated clips, and others) are not lost, you can continue editing at any time. Even though KineMaster having problems so it must be installed reset, the editing can still proceed as long as the project file is still stored in the smartphone.

The presence of KineMaster allows video that you just record to the directly edited in a smartphone. Once the video edited, the video can be directly uploaded or sent via email. Everything that you can do in one device without having to move between smartphone and PC.

To prevent the occurrence of problems while editing the video, the smartphone used to have adequate specs. For example, if you want to edit video FHD (1080p) 30 fps, then use a smartphone that can record and play video FHD 60 fps.

Because, KineMaster provides a preview in real-time while editing takes place, while to display the preview itself requires more power than the power required to play or record video. Download KineMaster APK latest and free via the links below:

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